Juli LLC.

We set up a bridge for cross-border trade between China and the United States, aimed at endorsement of “Import”, striving to create a cost-effective low-cost Sino-US cross-border e-commercial trading platform. We work with manufacturers, bringing high-quality low-cost products to the United States; we work with the US sellers to create a mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Meet Our Team

Jet Li
Jet LiU.S Team Manager
As regard to the import and export trade, the US company has sufficient understanding not only in customs clearance, transportation, law and so on, but also cooperates with the old logistics company, and open overseas warehouse services. We help to operate eBay, Amazon, wish and other business network platform for many years, having a wealth of experience in the promotion of operations. At the same time, the US team will provide you with after-sales service.
Jordon Huang
Jordon HuangChina Team Manager
The Chinese company engages in import and export trade for many years, having a wealth of experience and ability in the product selection, inspection and audit, customs clearance and business negotiations. We will provide better service for US customers to communicate with Chinese manufacturers on the platform, reducing trade costs while exporting the best “Made in China”. Let us achieve a win-win situation.


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